Your Questions, Answered

How much time does it really take for a tour?

This really varies by tour.  The Jackson Ward tour lasts about 2 hours. It could be slightly shorter depending on how many people are in the tour group and how long people would like to admire the murals.  The VCU/Carver and Carytown/Museum District tours lasts about 1 1/2 hours.

What is the distance and mode of a tour?

This varies by tour as well.  The Jackson Ward tour is approximately 2 miles long. 


The VCU/Carver tour is slightly more than 1 mile of walking. 


The Carytown/Museum District tour is around 1.5 miles of walking.

All tours are by foot/walking.

How much does a tour cost?

Each tour costs $20 per person plus taxes and fees.

How do I get to the tour meeting location?

With each tour you will receive a specific address location to meet your tour guide.  Type the address provided into your GPS and take a ride by car or you can access tours by public transit. 


Consider taking public transit with the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC).  Visit GRTC's website http://ridegrtc.com/ to plan your trip and find more information about your route.  Consider downloading the GRTC and Mobile Pay apps to become familiar with your route and payment options. Bus information can also be found on the Transit app.


For the Jackson Ward tour, considering riding the Pulse to the Arts District stop or Routes 14, 3A, 3B or 3C to arrive at our meeting location. 

For the VCU/Carver tour, consider riding the Pulse to the VCU/VUU stop, the 14, 78, 3A, 3B or 3C to arrive at our meeting location.

For the Carytown/Museum District tour, consider riding the Pulse to the Science Museum stop, Route 20 or Route 5.

Where can I park?

On street parking for free or minimal cost is available on all surrounding streets.  Green information on parking signs generally applies to weekdays only.  If print on a sign is in red...do what the sign says or you may be ticketed.  There are also parking decks available.

What should I bring on the tour?

WATER! We will be walking and on hot days the sun can take its toll so stay hydrated by bringing your own water.  Your favorite camera (or phone) if you're into taking photos of your journeys. An umbrella for shade or unexpected rain storms.  Since we are walking a lot you may want to leave nonessential items at home, in the car or at your hotel.

What should I wear?

Comfortable walking shoes and clothes that are appropriate for the weather.  Maybe consider wearing sunscreen too.

How many murals will I see?

This depends on the tour you book.  On average, you will see at least 15 murals on any of our tours.  More specific information about total number of murals and artists featured on each route is available upon request.

Who is this tour designed for?

Mural and history lovers of all ages!!!!  With that being said, please keep in mind that all tours involve walking, listening to someone talk for awhile and standing in the sun.  Very young children may not have fun or feel comfortable on our tours.

What if I  need an   accommodation   for the tour?

Please provide any information you would like to share about accommodations on your booking form prior to submitting payment.  If you forget, you can always email or call us with questions or concerns.

Are tours  rain or shine?

Tours are weather dependent but...rain does not necessarily mean the tour will be canceled.  Decisions to cancel the tour will be made as far in advance as possible of the tour start time.  If a tour will be canceled all participants will be notified by email and/or phone.

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